Vincent Wants to Sea

Vincent Wants to Sea (German: Vincent will Meer, lit. 'Vincent wants sea') is a 2010 German drama film directed by Ralf Huettner.[1] An American remake, The Road Within was released in 2014.

Vincent Wants to Sea
Vincent Wants to Sea poster.jpg
Film poster
GermanVincent will Meer
Directed byRalf Huettner
StarringFlorian David Fitz
Karoline Herfurth
Release date
  • 22 April 2010 (2010-04-22)
Running time
96 minutes


Vincent, a 27-year-old man with Tourette's syndrome, is taken to a mental institution by his politician father after his mother's death. With his roommate Alexander, who has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and his anorexic new friend Marie, he steals a car belonging to one of the psychiatrists to go to Italy to fulfill his mother's last wish: to have her ashes dumped into the Mediterranean Sea in the place where she and Vincent's father went on their honeymoon. Dr. Rose, the owner of the stolen car, goes with Vincent's father to find and retrieve them. Over the course of the trip, Vincent and Marie develop a relationship and Vincent's father realizes how badly he's been treating his son.

When Vincent, Alexander, and Marie arrive at the sea, Marie promptly collapses from heart failure caused by her anorexia. Vincent and Alexander conclude that the trip was a suicide attempt on her part - she was the one who originally stole the car and had the idea of leaving. Dr. Rose and Vincent's father take Alexander and Vincent home while Marie remains hospitalized. On the way back, Vincent decides to return his mother's ashes to his father and goes back to the city where Marie is in the hospital; Alexander accompanies him.



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