Ville-ès-Nouaux is a Neolithic site, located in the parish of Saint Helier on the island of Jersey. It consists of a gallery tomb and a dolmen surrounded by a stone circle.

Ville-ès-Nouaux is located in Channel Islands
Shown within Channel Islands
LocationSaint Helier, Jersey
Coordinates49°11′47″N 2°7′50″W / 49.19639°N 2.13056°W / 49.19639; -2.13056
PeriodsNeolithic / Bronze Age

The complex dates back to the late Neolithic period (2800–2000 BC).[1] The gallery tomb, with the entrance facing south, is 5.8 meters long. Inside, ceramic vessels were found, including goblets and bowls, as well as an archery plate.[2] Dolmen is surrounded by a stone circle measuring 6.4 × 5.8 m[2] and consists of a small chamber measuring 1.2 × 1 m and only 0.3 m high, covered with a stone slab supported by four load-bearing boulders.[1] During the archaeological excavations carried out in 1883, only a few flint chips were found inside the dolmen.[1]


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