Vilhelm Andersson

Kletus Vilhelm "Wille" Andersson (11 March 1891 – 21 September 1933) was a Swedish water polo player and freestyle swimmer.[1] He competed in water polo at the 1908, 1912, 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics and won a silver medal in 1912 and a bronze in 1920, finishing fourth in 1924. In swimming he competed at the 1908 and 1912 Olympics and won 18 national titles between 1909 and 1920.[2][3]

Vilhelm Andersson
Vilhelm Andersson.jpg
Personal information
Born11 March 1891
Stockholm, Sweden
Died21 September 1933 (aged 42)
Stockholm, Sweden
SportWater polo
ClubSK Neptun, Stockholm

He was the son of Cletus William Andersson, a dentist. His younger brother Erik Cletus Thule Andersson also competed in water polo at the 1924 Olympics.[2][3]

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