Viking Dahl

Viking Dahl (8 October 1895 - 5 January 1945) was a Swedish composer, active also as a painter and an author. [1]

Frode Viking Samson Dahl


Frode Viking Samson Dahl was born in Osby in Scania, Sweden. He was the son of Samuel Dahl (1847-1932) and Katarina Lovisa Peterson (1859-1931). He was the grandson of Swedish priest Gustav Leonard Dahl (1801-1877). His elder brother was Swedish-American Lutheran pastor and author K. G. William Dahl (1883-1917). His cousin was Swedish architect, Frans Gustaf Abraham Dahl (1835-1927). [2][3][4]

Dahl studied at the Royal College of Music 1915-1919 in Stockholm and thereafter in Copenhagen and Berlin. During a stay in Paris 1920, he wrote the dance drama Maison de Fous for Ballets Suédois. He developed his own avant-gardism during his studies in Stockholm, and in Paris he met the radical French composers of the time, among them Darius Milhaud and Maurice Ravel.[5]

When he returned to Sweden, Dahl worked as a piano and music teacher. He was also an organist and choir director at Varberg in Halland where he lived until his death.


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