Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls' High School

Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls' High School (Bengali: বিদ্যাময়ী সরকারি বালিকা উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়) is a girls' public secondary school in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.The school was founded by Jagatkishore Acharya Chowdhury,son of Vidyamoyee Devvya in 1873 during British Raj.

Vidyamayee Govt. Girls' High School
বিদ্যাময়ী সরকারি বালিকা উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়
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Main building
Kotwali, Mymensingh Sadar, Mymensingh - 2200

Coordinates24°45′25″N 90°24′17″E / 24.757°N 90.4047°E / 24.757; 90.4047Coordinates: 24°45′25″N 90°24′17″E / 24.757°N 90.4047°E / 24.757; 90.4047
TypeSecondary School
Motto(Bengali: শিক্ষা শক্তি শৃঙ্খলা অগ্রগতি)
(Education Power Discipline Progress)
Established1 January 1873 (1873-01-01)
FounderJagatkishore Acharya Chowdhury
School districtDhaka Education Board
School code111842[1]
HeadmasterNasima Akhter
Teaching staff56 [2]
GradesClass 4 to 10
Number of students1350
Campus3.52 acres (1.42 ha)
Campus typeUrban


The school was founded by Jagatkishore Acharya Chowdhury, son of Vidyamoyee Devvya, as a gesture of love to his mother. Other financial support came from the zamindars of Muktagacha, Gouripur and Krishnanagar.


To keep the memory of his mother alive, Jagatkishore Acharya Chowdhury established Vidyamoyee Girls' High School in the district town in 1873 for female education. The school was housed in a red two-storied building on 3.5731 acres (14,460 m2) of land in the centre of Mymensingh town. Some other landlords of Mymensingh like zamindars of Muktagacha, Gouripur and Krishnanagar came forward with financial support to fulfill the mission of Jagatkishore. At that time women education was in a deplorable state in Bengal but following the establishment of the school, female education in the Bengali community, both Hindu and Muslim, took a positive turn.

The school was nationalised in 1912. The first headmaster of the school was Sree Nabokumar Samaddar who continued his service till 1912. After him Sreemoti Bhakti Sudha Ghosh took over as the head teacher.

The school has a number of memories to recollect. One is the visit of Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore to the school in 1926. Miss R.B. Verulkar, a Scottish woman who received an M.A. from St. Andrews University, Scotland, was head of the school at that time. The visit of this great poet is regarded as a glorious part of history of Mymensingh region. Sreemoti Bibhubala Bakshi succeeded Miss Verulkar in June 1928, serving in an officiating capacity until she was confirmed as permanent headmistress in May 1930. She served the school as head for 25 years.

Rabindra Nath In Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls' High School

The school has a library with over 5,000 books with some rare collections. It has a hostel with accommodation for over 100 students. The hostel was established in 1896 for students coming from distant villages. It was used only for Hindu students.

Today the school is run by 50 teachers, including two assistant headmasters. The school runs two shifts- morning and day.

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