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Victoria Kawesa, (born 12 April 1975 in Uganda) is a Swedish politician and former party leader of the Leader of Feminist Initiative. In March 2017, she was elected the leader of the party, along with Gudrun Schyman.[1][2] Kawesa was the first black party leader in Swedish history.[3] In September 2017, she resigned, citing personal reasons.[1][2]. Kawesa was charged and found guilty of copyright violation.[4] She is a lecturer at Södertörn university.[5]

Victoria Kawesa
Victoria Kawesa 2017 Uppsala 1 (cropped).jpg
Leader of Feminist Initiative
In office
March 2017 – 15 September 2017
Personal details
Born (1975-04-12) 12 April 1975 (age 43)
Political party Feminist Initiative



Kawesa came to Sweden as a nine-year-old with her family who had fled from the war in Uganda, and the family resided in Tensta outside of Stockholm.[6]

Police investigationEdit

In April 2017, a police investigation was commenced against Kawesa after she plagiarized a doctoral work and presented large parts as her own research, for which she was given an admonition by Linköping University.[7][8] She has previously (2013) been reported to have plagiarized another researcher's project application.[9] Kawesa was found guilty by the Crown Court of Stockholm and sentenced to 15,000 kr fines and 6000 kr in damages.[10][11]


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