Viche Formation

The Viche Formation is a Langhian (Friasian to Colloncuran in the SALMA classification) geologic formation of the Borbón Basin in northwestern Ecuador. The formation underlies the Angostura Formation. Fossils of Ziphiidae indet. have been found in the formation.[1]

Viche Formation
Stratigraphic range: Langhian
~16–13.7 Ma
TypeGeological formation
UnderliesAngostura Formation
Coordinates1°06′N 79°12′W / 1.1°N 79.2°W / 1.1; -79.2Coordinates: 1°06′N 79°12′W / 1.1°N 79.2°W / 1.1; -79.2
Approximate paleocoordinates0°18′N 76°06′W / 0.3°N 76.1°W / 0.3; -76.1
RegionEsmeraldas Province
Country Ecuador
ExtentBorbón Basin
Type section
Named forViche, traditional fish dish
Viche Formation is located in Ecuador
Viche Formation
Viche Formation (Ecuador)

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