Vicar (disambiguation)

Vicar typically refers to a clergy position in various Christian traditions or to an administrative political post (Vicarius) in Roman history.

Vicar or vicars or variant, may also refer to:

Church positionsEdit

  • Vicar (Anglicanism) for its use in the Anglican tradition
  • Apostolic vicariate, or "Vicar apostolic", a Roman Catholic form of jurisdiction directly under the Pope established in a missionary region or before the creation of a diocese
  • Vicar general, or Episcopal vicar, a diocesan bishop's deputy able to exercise a bishop's ordinary executive power
  • Vicar forane, a parish pastor who serves as a senior authority over a section of a diocese
  • Vicar of Christ (also "vicar of Saint Peter" or vicarius principis apostolorum), a title used primarily by the Roman Catholic pontiff



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