ViaGen Pets

ViaGen Pets, based in Cedar Park, Texas, is a division of TransOva Genetics, that offers animal cloning services to pet owners. ViaGen Pets division was launched in 2016.[1]

ViaGen Pets offers cloning as well as DNA preservation services, sometimes called tissue or cell banking.[2]

Technology and patentsEdit

ViaGen's subsidiary, Start Licensing, owns a cloning patent which is licensed to their only competitor as of 2018, who also offers animal cloning services.[3]

The cloning process used by both ViaGen and their competitor is somatic cell nuclear transfer, the same as which was used for cloning Dolly the Sheep.[3]


ViaGen Pets began by offering cloning to the livestock and equine industry in 2003,[1] and later included cloning of cats and dogs in 2016.[4]


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