Vet River

The Vet River (Afrikaans: Vetrivier) is a westward-flowing tributary of the Vaal River in central South Africa. Its sources are between Marquard and Clocolan and the Vet River flows roughly northwestwards to meet the Vaal at the Bloemhof Dam near Hoopstad.

Bloemhof Dam. View from the Freestate side.jpg
The Bloemhof Dam, at the confluence of the Vet with the Vaal River
Vet River is located in South Africa
Vet River
Location of the Vet River mouth
EtymologyTranslated into Afrikaans from its Khoekhoe name Geigoub, meaning 'great fat'.[1]
Native nameGeigoub
CountrySouth Africa
RegionFree State
Physical characteristics
 • locationBetween Marquard and Clocolan
 • elevation1,269 m (4,163 ft)
MouthVaal River
 • location
Bloemhof Dam
 • coordinates
27°41′S 25°40′E / 27.683°S 25.667°E / -27.683; 25.667Coordinates: 27°41′S 25°40′E / 27.683°S 25.667°E / -27.683; 25.667
 • elevation
1,241 m (4,072 ft)
Basin features
 • rightSand River

Erfenis Dam was built on this river in order to provide water for the town of Theunissen.[2]


Vet River (middle right) on a map of 1887

Its main tributary is the Sand River which joins it from the right.

The actual Vet river is formed at the confluence of the Klein Vet and the Groot Vet upstream from the Erfenis Dam.[3]

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