Vestfold Hospital Trust

Vestfold Hospital Trust (Norwegian: Sykehuset i Vestfold) is a public health trust which serves Vestfold, Norway. Its main facility is Tønsberg Hospital, which supplements divisions in Larvik, Sandefjord and Horten. As of 2002, the hospital had 3,000 employees. The hospital was founded in 1870. It was merged with Horten Hospital, originally the Navy Hospital, established in 1828, in 1998, and merged with Sandefjord Hospital and Larvik Hospital in 2000, and with the Psychiatry of Vestfold Trust in 2012. It is owned by Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

Vestfold Hospital Trust
Vestfold Hospital in Tønsberg
Vestfold Hospital in Tønsberg
LocationVestfold, Norway
Coordinates59°16′21″N 10°25′06″E / 59.27250°N 10.41833°E / 59.27250; 10.41833Coordinates: 59°16′21″N 10°25′06″E / 59.27250°N 10.41833°E / 59.27250; 10.41833
NetworkSouthern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority
Former name(s)Jarlsberg and Larvik County Hospital
ListsHospitals in Norway

The hospital was established as Jarlsberg and Larvik County Hospital (Jarlsberg og Larvik Amts Sygehus). It was renamed Vestfold County Hospital (Vestfold fylkessykehus) in 1918 and was significantly extended during Nikolai Nissen Paus' tenure as director (1918–1947). It was later renamed Vestfold Central Hospital (Vestfold sentralsykehus) and Vestfold Hospital (Sykehuset i Vestfold).

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