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Venus Rising is a 1995 sci fi erotic film starring Billy Wirth, Audie England, Costas Mandylor and Morgan Fairchild.

Venus Rising
Directed by Leora Barish
Edgar Michael Bravo
Produced by Albert T. Dickerson III
Johnna Levine
Thomas Small
Written by Leora Barish
Henry Bean
Starring Billy Wirth
Audie England
Costas Mandylor
Morgan Fairchild
Jessica Alba
Music by Deborah Holland
Cinematography John Thomas
Edited by Edgar Michael Bravo
James Fletcher
Release date
  • November 30, 1995 (1995-11-30)
Running time
84 minutes
Country United States
Language English


Eve (England) grow up in a privately run prison island. She finds a boat left by a man who shipwrecks in the island's coast. When her guardian tries to rape her, she kills him by removing a security device in his arm, and then takes the boat to escape the island.

Once in land, Eve prostitutes herself in exchange for money and food with a stranger. After the sex, the stranger and her start an argument that ends with the man trying to rape her, but she stabs him in the side, killing him. The police starts investigating. Meanwhile, noticing that someone escaped from the island, the private company that runs it begins a search.

Eve befriends a rich woman who take her to her home, feeds her and dresses her. The woman also introduces Eve into the virtual world that people capable of afford it lives in. the woman is a divorcee living out of her former husband's Alimony. The woman commits suicide the next day, leaving Eve in the mansion to take her identity and alimony (as the ex-husband pays electronically and never visits). Flashbacks show that Eve was a little girl and the daughter of a guard living in the island when a prisoners' riot happened. Her father was murdered and her mother raped and murdered, she was kept under the care of one of the inmates (the one she kills at the beginning of the movie) who apparently molested her for years and kept her as a servant, prompting her distrust toward men and toward sex in general.

She goes into the virtual world visiting a bar run by Peyton (Fairchild) were she meets Vegas (Mandylor) the policeman investigating the murder in the beach. There they become lovers. While she's reluctant at first, she finally gives in into the relationship. Vegas finally finds her but also does one of the agents of the penal corporation tracking the escapee. The two have a gun fight in the apartment with the latter killed off. After that Eve and Vegas continue their relationship.

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