Velvet Tone Records

Velvet Tone Records was an American record label that was founded by Columbia Records in 1925 and shut down in 1932.[1] Velvet Tone contained material identical to that of Columbia's two other low price labels, Harmony Records and Diva Records (and after Diva was discontinued, Clarion Records).[2]

Velvet Tone Records
Label of a Velvet Tone Record, c. 1928, featuring Rudy Vallee
Parent companyColumbia Records
Founded1925 (1925)
Defunct1932 (1932)
Country of originU.S.

Popular cultureEdit

  • In Frank Capra's 1946 film, It's a Wonderful Life, Mary can be seen playing a record with a "Velvet Tone" label on the phonograph. A close examination reveals that it is "Buffalo Gals" performed by "Arthur Black and His Orchestra". However, the label's design is inconsistent with actual Velvet Tone labels. The prop record is a nod towards the film's assistant director, Arthur Black.[3]

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