Vea (disambiguation)

Vea is a former Puerto Rican celebrity gossip magazine form 1968 until 2009.

Vea or VEA may also refer to:


  • Alfredo Véa Jr. (born 1950), a Mexican-Yaqui-Filipino-American lawyer and novelist
  • Atelea Vea, an Australian-Tongan professional rugby league footballer
  • Carmen Valle Vea (born 1979), a Mexican politician
  • Dominic Vea (born 1981), an Australian professional cruiser/heavyweight boxer
  • Erik Vea (born 1951), a Norwegian speedskater
  • Ketil Vea (1932–2015), a Norwegian composer and pedagogue
  • Soakai Vea, a Tongan footballer
  • Taione Vea (born 1988), a former Tonga rugby union player
  • Vita Vea (born 1995), an American football defensive tackle
  • Wilford Vea (born 1992), a Tongan weightlifter
  • Jay Washington, (born Anthony Jay Washington Vea, 1981), a Filipino-American professional basketball player


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