Vaupés River

Vaupés River (Uaupés River) is a tributary of the Rio Negro in South America. It rises in the Guaviare Department of Colombia, flowing east through Guaviare and Vaupés Departments. It forms part of the international border between Colombia and the Amazonas state of Brazil. On the border it merges with the Papurí River and becomes known as the Uaupés. In 1847 an explorer saw a rapid which hurled its waves 12 or 15 metres (40 or 50 ft) in the air, "as if great subaqueous explosions were taking place."[2] The river continues on east through the Alto Rio Negro Indigenous Territory until it flows into the Rio Negro at São Joaquim, Amazonas.[3] Vaupés is a blackwater river.

Vaupés River
Uaupés River
Rio Vaupés a la altura de Mitú.jpg
Vaupés (Uaupés) is in the upper left section
Physical characteristics
 • locationGuaviare Department, Colombia
 • coordinates2°9′1″N 72°57′13″W / 2.15028°N 72.95361°W / 2.15028; -72.95361 (approximately)
 • elevation360 m (approximately)
MouthRio Negro
Length1,050 km (650 mi)[1]

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