Vasylko Rostyslavych

Vasylko Rostyslavych, Vasilko Rostislavich (Ukrainian: Василько Ростиславич, born around 1066, died in 1124) was a Rus' prince and member of the Rurik dynasty. He was the first Prince of Terebovl' from 1092.[1]


He was the third son of Rostislav Vladimirovich, Prince of Tmutarakan.[2] The historian Martin Dimnik writes that Vasylko's mother was Lanka, a daughter of King Béla I of Hungary.[3]

The Blinding of Vasylko. Miniature of Radzivil chronicle of the 15th century

In November 1097 Volhynian Prince Davyd Igorevich [ru] and Prince Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich of Kiev had captured and blinded Vasilko Rostislavich whom Svyatopolk had tricked into coming to Kiev. Thus the agreements reached at the earlier meeting of princes at the Council of Liubech has been violated and war ensued.

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