Varuni (Sanskrit: वारुणी) is the name of multiple goddesses associated with water god Varuna. The term refers to three goddesses — his wife, his daughter and a Matrika (power). Sometimes, all three goddesses are merged into one goddess, who rose during the churning of the ocean and chose Varuna as her consort.[1]

Varuni (left) with her consort Varuna

Varuna's wifeEdit

First Varuni is also known as Varunani and Jaldevi. She is the consort of Varuna and is often depicted with her husband.[2]

Varuna's daughterEdit

Second goddess with the name is the daughter of Varuna. She is the goddess of wine and came out of the ocean during Samudra manthan.[3] As per the story found in Bhagavata Purana, Varuni was taken by Asura. But the Bala Kanda of Ramayana narrates that Varuni chose the Devas.


Third goddess is a Matrika found in Matsya Purana.[4] As per the story, she was created to drink the blood of demon Andhaka. She is also one of the 64 yogini(s).


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