Vargarna (lit.'the Wolves') is a Swedish motorcycle speedway team based in Norrköping, Sweden, representing SMK Östgöta.[1][2] The team race at Norrköping Motorstadion. They ride in the Elitserien[3] and are six times champions of Sweden.[4]

Club information
Track addressNorrköping Motorstadion
Club facts
Track size271 metres
Major team honours
League champions1949, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1960, 1961

History edit

1948 to 1954 edit

Olle Nygren, club legend

Vargarna was one of the seven inaugural members of the Swedish speedway league, which started during the 1948 Swedish speedway season.[5][6] Their first significant riders were Olle Nygren and Helge Brinkeback, who would both become Swedish champions. Th eteam raced at the old Norrköping Motorstadion in Dagsbergsfältet (the site of the modern day Medley Centralbadet swimming complex).[7]

Vargarna underwent a golden period, winning the Swedish Speedway Team Championship in the 1949 season,[8] 1951, 1953 and 1954. A procession of top riders rode for the club and included Stig Pramberg, Dan Forsberg and Per-Olof Söderman.[9]

1957 to 1969 edit

After missing two seasons the club returned to the league in 1957 and they later won two more titles in 1960 and 1961, led by riders such as Nygren, Björn Knutson, Per-Tage Svensson, Joel Jansson and Sören Sjösten. The success could not be matched for the reaminder of the 1960s but they did still compete at the top level.[10][11] Vargarna left the Motorstadion in Dagsbergsfältet in 1963. Six years later in 1969, they moved into the new Norrköping Motorstadion at Kråkvilan.[7]

1970 to 1999 edit

Despite the best efforts of Sören Karlsson and Tommy Pettersson, the club spent the 1970s decade in the lower half of the division 1 and worse was to come during the next two decades, as the team moved up and down leagues from the Elitserien to the second tier of Swedish speedway.

2000 to present edit

Jason Crump

The new millennium brought about a consolidation of form as the team remained in the Elitserien. A series of overseas riders were brought into the club, including Australian Jason Crump, but when Crump left, the team were relegated in 2006. A quick promotion back to the Elitserien ensued.

In 2010, the club signed former world champion Nicki Pedersen.[12] He captained the side before leaving the club for Dackarna ahead of the 2014 season.

From 2015 to 2023, the team competed in the Allsvenskan and during the 2022 Swedish Speedway season the club reached the Allsvenskan play-off final.[13]

They are scheduled to return to the Elitserien for 2024 Swedish speedway season.[14]

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