Vanilla Mood

Vanilla Mood (バニラムード, Banira Mūdo) is a group of music performers on the Avex record label in Japan. Their debut mini-album hit stores on February 8, 2006. All four women play their instrument of choice; Waka on flute, Yui on violin, Mariko on cello, and Keiko on piano.


  • Name: Keiko
    • Birthday: September 28, 1982
    • Hometown Hiroshima prefecture
    • Instrument: Piano
    • Influence: Had to go with her sister to music lessons, and began learning that way.
    • Age started playing: 4 years old
  • Name: Mariko
    • Birthday: July 14, 1982
    • Hometown Kitakyushu city
    • Instrument: Cello
    • Influence: A picture when she was little that she loved dearly had a picture of a bear playing an instrument. Since that age, she has wanted to play.
    • Age started playing: 4 years old for the violin and piano. 8 years old for the cello.
    • Idols: Turtle Island String Quartet
  • Name: Yui

Also of note is one "Emilee", real name Emiri Miyamoto. She is sometimes seen playing the violin, but replacing Waka. Emilee is the daughter of Miyamoto Fumiaki, a world-renowned oboe player. Now, she is a solo violin player.


CD SingleEdit

  • [2007.12.05] 「Ajuka」


  • [2006.02.08] 「Vanilla Mood」
  • [2006.10.04] 「Shizuku(雫)」

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