Valparaiso Collegiate Institute

Valparaiso Collegiate Institute was an institution of secondary education in Valparaiso, Indiana. It was opened in 1861 by the Presbyterians in the community after the Methodists on September 21, 1859, had opened the Valparaiso Male and Female College, the forerunner to Valparaiso University of the Lutheran University Association.

The Collegiate Institute was located on the lot where the city's Central Elementary School now stands. The Institute was a two-story building with four large rooms. When a system of public schools was organized in 1871, the trustees purchased the Institute and used the building as a public school. The original building was expanded by adding a third story, and also by building an exact replica just to the north and connecting the two structures, producing a sixteen large rooms and a chapel.

The structure was torn down in 1903.