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Vallis Inghirami

Vallis Inghirami (latin for Inghirami Valley) is a valley on far side of the Moon which is a natural satellite of planet Earth. Diameter of the valley is about 145 km. Lunar co-ordinates of the valley are 43°48′S 72°12′W / 43.8°S 72.2°W / -43.8; -72.2. Valley is named after Giovanni Inghirami. Valley was approved by IAU in 1964.[2][3]

Vallis Inghirami
Baade + Inghirami - LROC - WAC.JPG
Vallis Inghirami seen beside Inghirami crater
Length140 km[1]
Coordinates43°48′S 72°12′W / 43.8°S 72.2°W / -43.8; -72.2

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