Valley View Local School District

Valley View Local School District is a school district in Montgomery County, Ohio, serving German Township which contains Germantown, Ohio. In addition, it serves the majority of Jackson Township, including Farmersville, Ohio.

Valley View Local School District
District information
GradesPK - 12[1]
Budget$190,490,000 (2008)[1]
Students and staff
Students2,053 (2008)[1]
Teachers121 (2008)[1]
Staff125 (2008)[1]
District mascotThe Spartans
Colorsnavy blue, white
Other information
Website Valley View Local School District

The district was formed in 1968, as the result of the consolidation of Germantown High School and Farmersville High School. The resulting district adopted the Spartan name, of which the first class graduated in 1968 from the old Germantown High School. The first class to graduate from the new high school was 1969.

Board of education edit

The Board of Education consists of five members, elected by the general public. Terms last four years.[2]

Current Members: Tim Rudd, Stephanie Smith, Ben DeGroat, Bob Skidmore, and Spencer Izor

Schools edit

The district was formed in 1968 and reconfigured in 2011.

  • Valley View High School is located at 6027 Farmersville Pk., Germantown, Oh. 45327;
  • Valley View Junior High School is located in the village of Farmersville (7 & 8 grades) at 202 Jackson St, Farmersville, Oh 45325;
  • Valley View Intermediate (4 through 6 grades) are located at 64 Comstock St. Germantown, Oh 45327;
  • Valley View Primary School (grades K - 3) is located at 110 Comstock St. Germantown, Oh 45327

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