Valley Community School District

Valley Community School District was a school district headquartered in Elgin, Iowa.[1] The district was located in sections of Fayette and Clayton counties, and served Elgin, Clermont, and Wadena.[2]



The Valley district and the North Fayette Community School District began a grade-sharing arrangement, in which students of one school district attend another district's schools, in fall 2013.[3] The two districts together had one middle school and one high school.[4]

The merger vote for North Fayette and Valley was scheduled for Tuesday February 7, 2017.[4] The North Fayette district residents voted in favor of the merger on a 504–17, or 97% in favor, while the Valley residents voted in favor on a 326-30 basis, or 92% in favor.[5] On July 1, 2018, it merged into the North Fayette district to form the North Fayette Valley Community School District.[6]


The former Clermont Public School

Clermont previously had a school building, Clermont Public School, built circa 1913, which closed in 1990. Now named the Larrabee Building, it houses administrative offices of the city government and a library. Jason Clayworth and Charles Litchfield of the Des Moines Register described it as "richly decorated in marble".[7]


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