Valev Uibopuu

Valev Uibopuu (19 October 1913 Vana-Antsla Parish (now Antsla Parish), Kreis Werro – 18 March 1997 Lund) was an Estonian writer. He is one of the most known Estonian expatriate writers.[1]

Valev Uibopuu
Uibopuu in 1961
Uibopuu in 1961
Born19 October 1913
Vana-Antsla Parish, Kreis Werro, Governorate of Livonia
Died18 March 1997 (1997-03-19) (aged 83)
Lund, Sweden

In 1943, he fled to Finland and in 1944 to Sweden.[1]

1954–1970, he worked for Estonian Writers' Cooperative publishing house and also being its chairman. 1970–1980, he taught at Lund University and at the same time he was the director of the university's Finno-Ugric Institute.[1]

He died in 1997 in Lund, but he is buried at Lüllemäe Cemetery in Karula.[1]


  • novel "Võõras kodu" (Vadstena 1945)
  • novel "Keegi ei kuule meid" (Vadstena 1948)
  • novel "Neli tuld" (Lund 1951)
  • novel "Janu" (Lund 1957)
  • novel "Markuse muutumised" (Lund 1961)
  • novel "Lademed" (Lund 1970)
  • novel "Kaks inimelu ajapöördeis" (double novel): "Mina ja tema" (Lund 1990) and "Ainult juhus" (Lund 1991)


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