Valeria Fabrizi

Valeria Fabrizi (born 20 October 1936) is an Italian actress, singer and television personality.

Valeria Fabrizi
Tata Giacobetti and Valeria Fabrizi 1970.jpg
Valeria Fabrizi with husband Tata Giacobetti,member of Quartetto Cetra, and daughter Giorgia Giacobetti in Rome
Born (1936-10-20) 20 October 1936 (age 83)

Life and careerEdit

Born in Verona, in 1956 Fabrizi made her acting debut in the revue Campione senza valore.[1] The same year, she had her first leading role in the comedy play Carlo non farlo.[1] In 1957 she entered the Miss Universe competition and appeared in the comedy play L'adorabile Giulio.[1] After having been the soubrette of the 1959 musical Una storia in blue jeans she became the prima donna of the Erminio Macario's stage company.[1] In 1964 Fabrizi married Tata Giacobetti, member of the group Quartetto Cetra, and started appearing in their television works.[1] Fabrizi also has a film career of about thirty films, and she recorded several singles with EMI.[1][2]





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