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Valentin Alexandrovich Fabrikant

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Valentin Alexandrovich Fabrikant (Russian: Валентин Александрович Фабрикант; 9 October 1907 - 3 March 1991) was a Soviet scientist in the field of electromagnetic radiation. He is a laureate of the Stalin Prize (1951).[1]

Valentin Alexandrovich Fabrikant
Валентин Александрович Фабрикант
Born(1907-10-09)October 9, 1907
Died(1991-03-03)March 3, 1991
Alma materMoscow State University
Scientific career
FieldsElectromagnetic radiation


Fabrikant was born in 1907 in Moscow.

In 1930 he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Department of Moscow University. After graduation, he moved to work at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. In 1932, Fabrikant began working on the issue of gas-discharge optics. In 1938 he proposed a method of direct experimental proof of the existence of stimulated emission.[2]

In 1948, he experimentally confirmed that the wave properties are inherent not only to the flow of electrons, but to each electron separately. He showed that even in the case of a weak electron beam, when each electron passes through the device independently of the others, the diffraction pattern arising during long exposure does not differ from the diffraction patterns obtained with a short exposure for electron fluxes, millions of times more intense.[2]

He was engaged in work on the creation of fluorescent light sources. In 1951, for the development of fluorescent lamps Fabrikant in the scientific team was awarded the title of laureate of the Stalin Prize.

He formulated the principle of amplification of electromagnetic radiation during passage of media with inverse population, which is the basis of quantum electronics. He was the largest specialist in physical optics, physics of gas discharge and quantum electronics. Fabricant's works are well known both in Russia and abroad.[3]

He was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and two Orders of the "Badge of Honor".


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