Valby Internment

Danish Prisons
Valby Internment
Location: Valby, Copenhagen
Status: Operational
Classification: Internment
Capacity: 346
Opened: December 7, 2009
Managed by: Police of Denmark

The Internment in Valby is constructed in a former beer depot in relationship with the state of emergency laws introduced in relationship with the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15) December 2009 [1]

It is the primary detention used for climate activists, who will be arrested by the police. The police can detain people for 12 hours, which is called preemptive arrest [2]

The procedure:

  • 1) The detainees will be placed on benches in handcuffs until they will be called to be booked and searched.[3]
  • 2) Then they will be led to the cages (pejoratively called "dog cages" in the Danish media) which can each accommodate 8-10 persons.[3]
  • 3) If police investigation leads to charges the detainee will be transferred to Vestre Fængsel. Otherwise the detainee will be released after the 12-hour period since the arrest has passed.

There will be access to toilet and water. Food can be earned after 6 hours. Due to limited heating possibilities the detainees can be granted a blanket.[2]

A common nickname in the press is the "Climate Prison" [4]


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Coordinates: 55°39′33″N 12°29′55″E / 55.65917°N 12.49861°E / 55.65917; 12.49861