A vajazzle, also spelled vagazzle, or glitter pubes is a form of genital decoration, formed by the application of crystal ornaments on the shaved mons pubis of a woman. The process is known as vajazzling, a portmanteau of "vajayjay" (or vagina[1]) and "bedazzle". The phenomenon was popularized by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who devoted a chapter in her book The Day I Shot Cupid to vajazzling.[1] During a promotional interview on Lopez Tonight in 2010, she encouraged the female members of her audience "to vajazzle their vajayjays".[2] In the United Kingdom, the concept was popularized when beautician Amy Childs appeared in the television show The Only Way Is Essex in 2010.[3] By 2011, an Internet rating site for vajazzling called Rate My Vajazzle had been set up.[4][5]

A vajazzle of an HTML tag

Vajazzling can increase risks of infection if not properly cleaned.[6]

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