Vaivari Station is a railway station on the Torņakalns – Tukums II Railway[1] in the Vaivari neighbourhood of Jūrmala, Latvia. Vaivari is the terminal of the B ticket area.

Vaivari Station
Vaivari Station in 2016 after reconstration.
General information
Coordinates56°57′18.29″N 23°40′8.49″E / 56.9550806°N 23.6690250°E / 56.9550806; 23.6690250
Preceding station LDz Following station
towards Tukums II
Riga–Tukums Asari
towards Riga
Vaivari Station is located in Latvia
Vaivari Station
Vaivari Station
Location within Latvia

Reconstruction controversy edit

During the modernization a new modular station was built, a tree-covered building in which ticket sales will take place, and a toilet is also available. At the time of modernization, the old building was demolished, the station building was moved and the old toilet was removed. The demolition of the old station building, and the replacement with metal containers, caused a great deal of indignation in society and in the media.

Old building, now demolished.

References edit

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