Vachagan Khalatyan ( Armenian: Վաչագան Խալաթյան, Armenian pronunciation: [vɑtʃɑˈɡɑn χɑlɑtʰˈjɑn], 11 May 1932 — 22 July 2004) is a Deaf educator, PhD, originator of Armenian manual alphabet.

Vachagan Khalatyan
Վաչագան Խալաթյան
Born(1932-05-11)May 11, 1932
DiedJuly 22, 2004(2004-07-22) (aged 72)
Alma mater
Known for
  • originator of Armenian manual alphabet,
  • Armenian Sign Language, dictionaries
Scientific career
FieldsDeaf Education

Biography Edit

Early life and career Edit

Vachagan Khalatyan was born in Urut. Receiving a village school education and later on, a high school education in Stepanavan, he moved to Yerevan. In 1949-54 Vachagan successfully graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University named after Valery Brusov (YSLU), department of French Language and Literature. In 1954 Khalatyan was drafted into the Soviet Army. In 1958 Vachagan started working at boarding school for deaf and dumb children in Yerevan as a teacher of Armenian language and as a paraprofessional educator providing more intensive instructional sessions in a resource room. In 1959-61 Vachagan graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University (1959–61)/distance learning/, the faculty of Deaf education and became the first deaf educator in Armenia.

Contribution to deaf education Edit

In 1961 Vachagan Khalatyan created the Armenian Manual Alphabet. Afterwards he initiated and established a boarding school for hearing- impaired children in Yerevan (1967). He led it for more than 20 years, while teaching and doing research. In 1983 Vachagan received his PhD in Education from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Since then his main focus has been on issues related to deaf education, training for scholarly scientific and pedagogical staff at the State Armenian Pedagogical University (ASPU) after Khachatur Abovyan, where he delivered lectures on Special education. He also organized teachers' training programs. He was requested to initiate and to open a new department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the State Armenian Pedagogical University (ASPU) after Khachatur Abovyan. He participated in the International conferences as a speaker, majorly contributing on the issues connected to deaf education. He is the author of Armenian Sign Language - Dictionary (study guide), 2001, Dictionary of Special Education (manual), 2001 and Talking hands –Armenian sign Language, Dictionary (study guide), 2004.

Monographs Edit

Overview of publications Edit

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Authored books Edit

  1. Armenian Sign Language - Dictionary (study guide), 2001.
  2. Dictionary of Special Education (manual), 2001.
  3. Talking hands –Armenian sign Language, Dictionary (study guide), 2004

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