VESA Digital Flat Panel

The VESA Digital Flat Panel (DFP) interface standard specifies a video connector and signaling for flat-panel displays.[1] It features 20 pins and uses the PanelLink protocol.

Type Digital video connector
Superseded VGA connector
Superseded by Digital Visual Interface
Pins 20
Data signal PanelLink protocol Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
Width 3 bits plus clock
Max. devices 1
Protocol PanelLink (Serial)
DFP connector.png
Pin 1 TMDS data 1 +
Pin 2 TMDS data 1 –
Pin 3 GND
Pin 4 GND
Pin 5 TMDS data C +
Pin 6 TMDS data C –
Pin 7 GND
Pin 8 + 5V
Pin 9 Reserved
Pin 10 Reserved
Pin 11 TMDS data 2 +
Pin 12 TMDS data 2 –
Pin 13 GND
Pin 14 GND
Pin 15 TMDS data 0 +
Pin 16 TMDS data 0 –
Pin 17 Reserved
Pin 18 Reserved
Pin 19 DDC data
Pin 20 DDC clock

Unlike Digital Visual Interface (DVI), DFP never achieved widespread implementation. The connector was used by displays such as the Compaq Presario FP400, FP500, FP700, Fp720, 5204, and 5280. It was offered on graphics cards such as the Xpert LCD,[2] and Rage LT Pro by ATI Technologies.

DFP was superseded by DVI because of a low maximum resolution of 1280 × 1024 (SXGA), whereas DVI supports much higher resolutions.

DFP monitors can generally be used with a DVI graphics card with a passive adaptor.


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