Vår bostad (Swedish: Our Dwelling) was a monthly family magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden, between 1924 and 2006.

Vår bostad
Former editorsUlla Lindström
Ulrica Ambjörn
CategoriesFamily magazine
PublisherHyresgästernas Förlag
Final issue2006
  • HSB
  • Hyresgästernas Riksförbund
Based inStockholm

History and profile edit

Vår bostad was started in 1924.[1][2] Between 1935 and early 1937 the title of the magazine was Hus och Härd.[3] The magazine was jointly owned by the Swedish tenant organizations, HSB (Tenant Owners Cooperation) and Hyresgästernas Riksförbund.[4][5][6] It was sent to the members of the organizations.[7] The magazine, based in Stockholm,[8] was published by Hyresgästernas Förlag on a monthly basis.[7][9]

Swedish social democrat politician Ulla Lindström was the long-term editor-in-chief of Vår bostad which she held between 1937 and 1946.[3] Ulrica Ambjörn also served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine,[10] which ceased publication in 2006.[1][6][11]

Circulation edit

In 2001 Vår bostad had a circulation of 972,000 copies.[9] It was the second most read magazine in Sweden in 2005.[10] The circulation of the magazine was 934,000 copies in 2006.[12]

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