Uttarer Sur is a 2012 Bangladeshi Bengali film written directed by Shahnewaz Kakoli. The film was produced by Impress Telefilm.[1]

Uttarer Sur
Uttarer Sur poster
Uttarer Sur poster
Directed byShahnewaz Kakoli
Written byShahnewaz Kakoli
Screenplay byShahnewaz Kakoli
Produced byThe Impress Telefilm
StarringUtpal, Lucy, Meghla
Release date
  • 14 April 2012 (2012-04-14)


The story of the film revolves around life of a singer and her little daughter who sing (and beg) in the street to earn their living. The film shows their everyday experiences.[1][2]


  • Utpal
  • Lucy
  • Meghla


The film critically acclaimed and got huge audience response in Bangladesh. The film has been screened in different international film festivals like– Goa International Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival (2012), Third Eye Mumbai Film Festival (in Mumbai).[1][3]

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