Uta Nickel

Uta Nickel (born 19 July 1941) is one of the former finance ministers of East Germany.

Uta Nickel
Minister of Finance and Prize
In office
18 November 1989 – 12 April 1990
Prime MinisterHans Modrow
Preceded byErnst Höfner
Succeeded byWalter Romberg
Personal details
Born1941 (age 78–79)

Early life and educationEdit

Nickel was born in 1941.[1] She studied economics.[2]


Nickel served as the councillor of finance of Leipzig. She was state secretary for finances and prizes from 1988 to 1989.[1] She was appointed minister of finance and prizes on 18 November 1989.[3] Nickel was part of "reform-minded" cabinet formed by Hans Modrow.[4]

She resigned from the office in January 1990 following the allegations that she was involved in illegal payments.[2] Upon these accusations, she was investigated by the prosecutor general for financial breach of trust.[2] Nickel denied any wrongdoing.[5] Nickel's term officially ended on 12 April 1990 when Walter Romberg was appointed as finance minister.[6]


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