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Archive1 (mostly before March 1st 2005) - Chem. names, pictures, inorganics table and PNGs vs. GIFs,, HCl, ZnCl2, plans (Henry & I), NaCl, MeSH, inorganic stylesheet.

Archive2: The earlier part of the discussions on the new chembox.

Archive3 (spring 2005) - Wikiprojects, P halide pix, Free beer, Maggie Thatcher, Oestrogen, Ongoing work, Wittig images, prefixes.

Archive4 (summer 2005) - Project Drugs, Terpenes, Menthols, ISIS, Tb4O7, MIBK, photos, data sources, indoles and CoCl3.

Archive5 (autumn 2005) - incl. new chemists, various WP:1.0, HOAc, Wpchemwatcher, Nobel chemists, PC4A, Wikimania, C2H2F4, butter.

Archive6 (Dec 2005 - Jan 2006) - incl. June presentation, folic acid, toluene, aldol, WVWP, data pages, Humanities as COTW, contacts with Ahmed, RA Norton, Smokefoot.

Archive7 (Feb 2005 - mid-Mar 2006) - incl. Smokefoot's class, WP Elections, 1.0 stuff. oxy, minus, WiktionaryZ, Chem portal, SCOTUS, Antarctica/WVWP, Streamlining 1.0/GA

Archive8 (mid-Mar 2006 - Apr 2006) - incl. various on overall Wikipedia 1.0 strategies and plans, CASREF external links in tables, coordinating GA, FAC, AA and 1.0.

Archive9 (May 2006) - incl. assessment tables, Mathbot, Geber, WP1.0 icon, Tito, Vir, BozMo, A-Class wording, 1.0/0.5 stuff, 18-Electron rule, chem substance.

Archive10 (June 2006) - various V0.5, WVWP, 1.0; WP Soils, Films, Stargate and Novels; Chem Suppliers, Dow, 10,000 assessed articles.

Archive11 (July 2006) - lots of 0.5 and bot stuff, assigning topic priorities, B-P House, Bhumibol Adulyadej

Archive12 (August 2006) - Validation/Wikicite, WP:Anglicanism, Wikimania, V0.5, lab glassware, school counselor, Regis Philbin, Wikisort, KLF.

Archive13 (September 2006) - Bupropion, Version 0.5, Laboratory glassware, m:Wikicat, Regis Philbin, Chemical sources, WPCD2.

Archive14 (October 2006) - WP:CITE discussion, The Magic Christian, WVWP multiplication scale, phosphorus chlorides, MartinBotII, distillation, WP Weekly, natural disaster

Archive15 (November 2006) - iPod article, lead(II) nitrate, SourceForge repository, 0.5 biglist, Nofollow "bugs", MartinBotII, CaCl2, 2006 Wikipedia CD Selection, 0.5 icon in articles

Archive16 (December 2006 - February 2007) - 2006 Wikipedia CD Selection, African leaders, Futurama template, MartinbotII, "clear", WVWP, Tl halides, assessment criteria, V0.5.

Archive17 (March 2007 - May 2007) - Indium halides, Compressed fluid, Version 0.5, renoms of GAs, IRC for WVWP and for Version 0.7, kids version, problems reviewing for V0.7, Chemical substance, dBpedia, search engines.

Archive18 (June 2007 - Sept 2007) - Unsolved problems in XXX, lots of 0.7/1.0 stuff as usual, Citation tools, Postage stamps of Ireland FAC, Philately assessments, Ayyavazhi.

Archive19 (Oct 2007 - Jan 2008) Copper(II) hydroxide, Content review workshop, WP:Belarus, Lead(II) nitrate back to FA, WP:Philately assessments, Selection Bot.

Archive20 (Feb - May 2008). Rollback rights, CAS-Wikipedia collaboration, 1.0 (style issues, vandalism, exemplars, changes to assessment, etc), Zotero, Dispatch.

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