Name: Wojtek Pobratyn
YOB: 1978
Current location: Warsaw, Poland
Motto #1: Suum cuique

Motto #2: You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.


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whoa. my new user page...

Wojtek (pronounced voytech - rhymes with hitech:-) Pobratyn -- a Wikipedian since January 2001.

ICQ UIN#: 97360108

Also a MSc student at the Vienna University Of Economics and Business Administration. He's got a huge amount of time to spare.

He also likes to write about himself in the third person.

How I became a Wikipedian

WojPob sometimes showes up as

contact: wojtek at pobratyn dot net <-- for emergencies:-)

website -- WojPob HQ -- rogue monkey's weblog -- my contibs -- eastern snapshot

Pages I sort of care about:

Nazi Germany and WWII
Eva Braun
Albert Speer
Erwin Rommel
Adolf Eichmann
Reinhard Heydrich
Nuremberg Trials
SS -- SA -- Waffen-SS -- Nazi Germany/Organisations -- NSDAP
Kriegsmarine -- U-Boot
Guernica -- Spanish Civil War -- Francisco Franco
Holocaust -- Wannsee conference

Economics, trade
Central bank -- money -- Monetarism
Market forms -- fiscal policy -- tax
trade -- barter -- privatization -- nationalization

The Residents -- Metallica
Poland -- Warsaw -- History of Poland -- Vistula -- Urzad Ochrony Panstwa
Austria -- Vienna
Pol Pot -- Andrei Nicholayvich Tupolev
opium -- opiates -- FOLDOC

Comments and stuff written by others:-)

Hey, if you know PHP, we would love to have your input on the Nupedia software. :-)

Wow, Wojtek, that's some awesome Ascii Art on your homepage. I fear you now. ;-) --Jimbo Wales

nice to meet people with common interests
no need to agree - would be boring
;-} - user:Mathijs

Rowniez pozdrawiam. Wikipedia to swietna zabawa. ;-) Greetings. Wikipedia is great fun.
Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz Hope to contribute more in Medicine section.

Pozdrowienia od Tawa

Czy wiesz ze pwostala polska wikipedia ?
moze zechcesz nas wspomoc ???
Prosimy o pomoc.
[Polska wikipedia]

I came across your name and it sounded more or less familiar. Funny to see that we share at least one compulsive habit. Also funny to see that your loyalty to Metallica seems timeless haha:). Greets. Mike Dam (St. Paul's)user:MFD