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Wikipedia Release Version toolsEdit

The Wikipedia Release Version Tools are a set of web-based programs that can be used to view and query article assessment information. As of 2009 the tools were undergoing development and testing, with the intention that they would replace the WP 1.0 bot. The tools are hosted on the Wikimedia Toolserver.

The tools had two main functions:

  1. To replace WP 1.0 bot for recording assessment data. The tools extend the functionality of the bot in many ways.
  2. To facilitate release versions of Wikipedia. These are CD-ROM and DVD-ROM based compilations of Wikipedia articles. The last release version was Wikipedia:Version 0.8 in 2011.

Project indexEdit

The project index gives a list of all participating WikiProjects. This page also shows the percent of articles that have been given a quality rating, and the percentage that have been given an importance/priority rating.

Dealing with assessment dataEdit

There are several tools for searching assessment data. These are listed on the left-hand side of the release version tools screen.

Overall summary tableEdit

Webpage: Overall summary table

This tool provides a table summarizing the ratings for all articles in the system. Only articles in namespace 0 are included. When more than one WikiProject has rated an article, the highest quality and importance ratings are used.

Project summary tablesEdit

Webpage: Project summary tables

This tool gives a table of articles for a particular WikiProject, along with other statistics for the WikiProject

Asssessment logsEdit

Webpage: Assessment logs

This tool is used to display and search logs that track assessment changes. Each line of the output shows either an importance rating change, or a quality rating change.

The parameters are:

Project name 
The name of the WikiProject to search. This field must be filled in.
Namespace # 
Filter results to pages in a particular numberic namespace
Page name 
Filter results to a page with a particular name
Treat page name as a regular expression 
By default, if you enter a page name, only the results for that page are displayed. This checkbox causes the page name to be treated as a regular expression that can match multiple pages.
Old rating 
Only show log entries where the previous rating has this value (e.g. B-Class or Top-Class)
New rating 
Only show log entries where the new rating has this value (e.g. B-Class or Top-Class)
Ending date 
only show log entries before this date. The date may be entered as "12 January 2010", "January 12, 2010", "2010-1-12", and many other formats.
Starting date 
Only show log entries on or after this date.
Results per page 
How many entries to show on each output page
Start with result #
The first result number to display in the output page (skipping previous results)

Article listsEdit

Webpage: Article lists

This tool is used to search for article assessment data. You may fill in any combination of parameters to search for articles. The parameters are:

First projectEdit

This is the main input area: select a WikiProject and/or quality and importance ratings to filter results

The name of the WikiProject
Page namespace 
The number namespace of the namespace of pages to return. Enter the namespace of the page itself, not the talk page. Thus, for main namespace pages, enter "0".
Page title 
Only return pages whose title matches this field
Treat page name as a regular expression 
By default, if you enter a page name, only the results for that page are displayed. This checkbox causes the page name to be treated as a regular expression that can match multiple pages.
Only display pages with this quality rating. You must enter the "-Class" suffix, e.g. "B-Class"
Only display pages with this importance/priority rating. You must enter the "-Class" suffix, e.g. "Mid-Class"
Score ≥ 
Only select articles with a release version score greater than or equal to this value.
Show external interest data 
Display information used for generating the release version scores:
  • PL: count of incoming wiki-page links. This number includes links to articles that redirect to the article in question.
  • LL: count of outgoing inter-language links (to other language versions of Wikipedia)
  • HC: estimate of average daily hitcount for the article
  • EI: the composite "external interest score", used as one component of the overall selection score. The algorithm used to calculate this score is documented at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/SelectionBot.

Second projectEdit

This area is used filter by two WikiProjects simultaneously.

Specify second project 
To find articles that are rated simultaneously by two different WikiProjects, check this box
Project name 
The name of the second WikiProject
A quality rating from the second WikiProject, e.g. A-Class
An importance/Priority rating from the second WikiProject, e.g. Top-Class
Show only pages with differing quality ratings 
Only display pages where the quality ratings assigned by the two WikiProject differ

Output optionsEdit

Results per page 
How many results to show per page
Start with result # 
To jump to a later page, enter a number in this box
First, the data is sorted based on the "primary sort" key. Then, ties are broken using the "secondary sort" key.

Release / review dataEdit

Release refers to a release version of Wikipedia, such as Wikipedia 0.5. Review refers to a community content review such as Featured Article.

Filter release / review data 
Check this box to enable filtering by the release and/or review status of the page.
Review status 
This data is based on the actual categories of Featured Articles, Featured Lists, and Good Articles; it is not based on WikiProject assessments. Select a type of review status to limit the search.
Filtering by release 
This feature will allow you to select articles that have been included in release versions of Wikipedia. (not yet implemented)

Category filterEdit

This box enables you to only select articles in a particular category on the wiki (e.g Category:Ships). The category search is not recursive (it does not go into subcategories).

Filter by category 
Select this box to filter articles based on category membership
Article category 
Only display pages that are in this category
Talk page category 
Only display pages whose talk page is in this category

Update project dataEdit

Webpage: Update project data

This tool allows you to update WikiProject data immediately, without waiting for the next automatic update. Select the project to update or (if the project has never been updated) type its name into the box. Do not leave or close the page until the green "Data has been updated" message is displayed.

Manual selection toolsEdit

When the automatic article selection is made, it is sometimes necessary to add specific additional articles. The manual selection tools will allow us to keep track of these articles in a clear way, with easy-to-search changelogs. These tools are functional but still under development.