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My name is Bob Varettoni, and I work for Verizon, where my title is executive director for Corporate Communications. I'm a company spokesperson, and I've worked in corporate communications at Verizon since the company was formed in 2000. Mostly, I talk to the media and write about financial issues, but I’m liable to be asked to provide information on anything that's NOT related to product publicity or customer service... topics such as legal and HR, corporate governance (proxies, annual meetings and SEC filings), and technology development. Before this, I edited employee publications, wrote speeches and was a spokesperson on regulatory, technology and corporate issues for Verizon predecessor companies Bell Atlantic and NYNEX -- and before that (yes, I'm ancient) I was a newspaper reporter and editor. So I have a background of more than 30 years with the "same" company in the "same" industry although, in reality, both company and industry have changed dramatically over this time. I'm OK with that. My dad worked for New York Telephone for his entire career, from the day he graduated until the day he retired. I could have done worse than to follow in his footsteps. I signed up here in order to contribute to topics on telecommunications and technology, with a focus, of course, on Verizon. I won't be making direct edits to articles but intend to make suggestions on discussion pages. I don't have any other Wikipedia accounts. My goal is to help leave an accurate record on topics to which I've devoted my professional life.

My last day at Verizon: June 28, 2019

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