Tokyogaijin is the Wiki user name of Freedomwv

  • I live in Tokyo, Japan. I have lived in Tokyo for several years. If you want to understand your own culture you must leave it and take a look from the outside looking in.
  • I was actually born and raised in West Virginia, USA. West Virginia holds many lost, yet very important pieces of American history.
  • My age: 31.
  • Job/Trade: Currently I am working as an English Instructor for a Eikaiwa company. I also do some writing from time to time. An example of my political writing can be found at Newsvine in the form of my column The Liberty Factorand also on The Ghost of Liberty Blog I also am a regular J-blogger(Japan blogger) My blog is titled The Ghost Letters.

More about TokyoGaijinEdit

  • A few words about the personality of TokyoGaijin

I am usually a rather easy fellow to get along with. During my slightly younger years I was known to get hot tempered from time to time. These days i am hard pressed to fly off the handle. Experience tells me that in most cases it is not worth throwing a fit over most things which come along in life. For this reason I tend to let most things anyone would ever have to say about me slide off my back. This way I get a good laugh at watching them get even more angry because I will not give them what they want; which is of course useless drama.

When people are rude or a down right ass to me I tend to just tone them out if I can; but this is not the case with some people. There are those rare people who can make trouble for just about anyone. No matter how much you try to avoid these types they will hunt you down and make you pay attention to the trouble which surrounds them at all times. It is sad really but some people just can`t control themselves. So, I must go ahead and say this now: if you are the type of person who is addicted to drama and making useless trouble for others please stay the hell away from me. I do not want the ill wind which follows you to create a shit storm over me.

Political LeaningsEdit

For most of my adult life I was a Republican. I used to be a loyal GOP man but the party has been hijacked by the Neo-Cons. The constant desire for war and gross over spending was too much for me. They have a extreme disrespect for Liberty and personal freedom. I now consider myself a [[Libertarian]. In my opinion the Libertarian movement is the closest the the ideas of the founding fathers and the US Constitution.

I am also a supporter of the Congressmen Ron Paul and his Ron Paul Revolution. America is way over due for a movement demanding for a return to liberty, US Constitution, and fighting to restore the Republic back to its formal glory of a free society.