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Class InformationEdit

Link to Dr. Alberts' Page You can also link to my classmates' pages from Dr. Alberts' Page.

Information that might help with grading Lab 4 (and part of Lab 5) is on my talk page.

Here's a link to my Wiki Lab 5 reflection essay.

Wikipedia informationEdit

I suppose you want to know what kind of biases I'd have in writing/editing articles. Otherwise, why read this far? For one thing, I've got this wierd fixatoin for good speling, and grammar, So don't be upset if I've insanely editing those things on your articles, please don't get upset. I do it to everyone.

And just for grading purposes: yes, all the grammar and spelling mistakes in the preceding paragraph were intentional.

Reason for joining the Wikipedia communityEdit

This is sort of a clarification of the preceding statement, because I am aware that most users do not expect to be graded on what they do here.

I, however, an doing an Interdisciplinary Studies major at Truman State University. One of the requirements for said major is to participate in the construction of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Many parts of such development is by needs interdisciplinary, since no single approach to a single discipline provides enough understanding to construct such an extensive body of knowledge.

Explanation of my usernameEdit

Tokidoki is a romanization of the Japanese word for 'sometimes'. At the risk of sounding infantile, it's just a really fun word to say. Try it.

My favorite numbers are 9 and 27. So, sometimes I prefer 9 and sometimes I prefer 27. That's about all there is to it.

I didn't have much time to think up a clever username; I joined the class late and had to make up an assignment or two in a relatively small amount of time (see above). Tokidoki was a vocabulary word for a review in Japanese class, and I don't like one-word usernames. Sorry if you were hoping for something insightful.

Pertinent personal informationEdit

What little demographic information I feel comfortable sharingEdit

Age: 18 < x < 27

Gender: Female, and I do believe that every woman should be a feminist. There's a bias for you.

Geography: Originally from the suburbs of a medium-sized city. Currently at college in Kirksville, a very small rural Midwestern town.

Religious beliefs: Generally Protestant, but perfectly open to other ideas.

Political views: I tend to hold an almost self-contradictory mix of conservative and liberal opinions, but I lean much more heavily toward the liberal side of things. I'm not affiliated with any particular political party, and I'm not especially fond of any particular politician or candidate.

These are a few of my favorite things...Edit

Book: Catch-22. Structural work of genius.

Movie: I feel compelled to adhere to my Lord of the Rings tendencies, but I must say that Princess Mononoke is a beautiful film. Although I've watched it so much in the past month and a half that I might need a very long break.

TV Show: I'm not entirely sure how to answer this question. I never watch television per se, I just watch movies and anime series on DVD. So if you want to know my favorite anime, which is the closest thing I have to a favorite show, it'd be Gundam Wing, just because the characters are so awesome. "They're all violent and dangerous but they're really nice guys." That's them "in a nutshell." Mwa ha ha.

(I also love randomly quoting things that no one has ever heard of, let alone bothered to remember, but I promise not to do so in any articles I write or edit. Not consciously, anyway. Sometimes these things just seem to happen.)

Musical Group: I really like traditional ethnic music. I just discovered Simon & Garfunkel recently, and they seem much more introspective than most contemporary music. I think Evanescence is currently one of my favorite bands.

Videogame: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There simply is no competition. Well, at least not until Twilight Princess comes out.

It seems that I define myself by my media. That's vaguely disturbing. Let's fix it.

More Stuff 'n ThingsEdit

College major(s): Interdisciplinary Japanese Studies, although the name for that might have to be changed to East Asian Studies with a focus on Japan. I'm also doing a more traditional Linguistics major. I just recently dropped a Spanish major, but I still pursue the subject. I also have a minor in Sociology, but I haven't progressed very far at all yet.

Extracurricular Activities: I write for the college yearbook. I just joined the Anime Club, RAFT (Responsible And Fair Trade group), and Circle K. I also volunteer teaching ESL classes to the local Latino population.

Hobbies: Reading fantasy and historical fiction, watching movies and anime, baking, wasting time on the Internet, creating new playlists in iTunes, writing very poor-quality stories just for my own amusement, horseback riding, playing videogames. I don't have all that much time for these activities during the school year, though.

Other areas of interest heretofore unmentioned: Travel, especially to foreign countries; the Peace Corps; protecting the environment; the educational system. Most of my interests have been expressed somewhere in the preceding sections.


I hope, esteemed fellow user, that you don't find all this personal information excessive or out of place on my user page. I'm aware that this space is not meant to be a personal homepage, so I have tried earnestly to make sure that all of what I have written reveals something about my personal biases and/or what sorts of articles I tend to create/edit. It should also demonstrate in which areas I pretty much know what I'm talking about and in which ones I have trouble keeping a neutral perspective.

Yeah, as you can see, my biggest weakness in writing is conclusions. It doesn't help that I've never written anything like this before. So please feel free to amend any conclusions to articles that I might attempt.

Also feel free to leave me a note on my talk page. It'd be fun to hear from you.