User:Tim Starling/Richardchilton IRC log


  • Conversation took place at around 07:00 UTC, 3 March 2004
  • Chill is (, confirmed by logs to be Richardchilton
  • Richard Chilton has only been around for a couple of weeks, so his admission that he has been around for several months suggests he is a reincarnation or anonymous editor
  • He refers to the December 16 edit war with Ed Poor, suggesting that he has edited as
  • Maximus Rex identifies him as Lancemurdoch, and indeed both the IP address and ideology is strikingly similar

<Chill> The finally indignity of POV is to not even let a group name itself. We should change the African-American entry to niggers 
           since that name was commonly usage (by white Americans, the only group on the planet whose opinion matters) to refer to a 
           certain group of people. The CPK called itself the CPK, Khmer Rouge is just what the American corporate press called the CPK 
           (just like they called the NLF in Vietnam the Viet Cong, or
<Chill> Judeo-Christian values thing, like Adam being the one to have the power to name all the beasts of the air, fish of the sea and 
           that sort of thing?
<TimStarling> hi Chill
<Chill> Hello
<TimStarling> did Adam really have the power to name everything?
<Chill> Genesis 2
<TimStarling> I wish I had the power to name everything, that would be handy
<Chill> 19 Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to 
           the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.  20 So the man 
           gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field.
<Chill> I'm sick of this common usage crap...I wonder what a good page to argue about this is
<TimStarling> well animals hardly have the power to name themselves
<TimStarling> it's not a very good analogy
<Chill> I've found that if you hang in long enough on an edit war, you usually win
<Chill> Attrition means victory on Wikipedia
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<TimStarling> yeah, there's a page about that somewhere, isn't there?
<Chill> I'm going to leave the Palestine pages alone, those edit wars scare even me
<TimStarling> suit yourself
<TimStarling> how long have you been at Wikipedia?
<Chill> Several months
<Chill> I consider VeryVerily my main enemy
<TimStarling> do you like the place?
<Chill> I just found out Jimbo made all his money on porno
<TimStarling> yeah but he does good deeds with it
<TimStarling> :)
<TimStarling> he's like Robin Hood
<Chill> At least VeryVerily is not an op
<TimStarling> except he robs from the perverts to give to the poor
<TimStarling> ;)
<Chill> I think part of my strategy needs to be to build up a "normal" user
<brion> what about the poor perverts?
<Chill> who will evenually get op
<TimStarling> that's clever
<Chill> Then I will be on an equal plane as RickK, Ed Poor, Jiang and Fred Bauder
<maximus_rex> doesn't building a "normal user", imply you are not acting normally now?
<Chill> Is Ed Poor acting normally now?
<Chill> and he's an admin
<Chill> I think I'm going to start an anti-Ed Poor campaign
<Chill> Like they did for 172
<Chill> Right now a capitalist, Jimbo, owns the means of production
<TimStarling> have you crossed swords with Ed Poor before?
<Chill> I usually cross swords with VeryVerily
<Chill> Ed Poor just has a lot of trouble with NPOV
<TimStarling> he thinks he's a "maven of neutrality"
<Chill> Ed Poor is very high on Sun Myung Moon
<Chill> Maybe he's a Moonie and the Moonies make him edit on Wikipedia
<brion> he is a moonie. don't know if they put him up to it though :)
<Chill> # (cur) (last)  . . 15:46, 16 Dec 2003 . . Ed Poor (Moonies as smear word used by opponents)
<Chill> # (cur) (last) . . 15:43, 16 Dec 2003 . . Ed Poor (Two opposing views on "who" created the term "Moonies")
<Chill> I'll tell you the truth
<Chill> I could deal with NPOV if it was done
<Chill> MyRedDice is the only neutral admin I've seen thusfar
<Chill> everyone else is always on the side of the left-wing or right-wing person
<Chill> I've found guerilla tactics are much more effective than trying to be nice
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<TimStarling> well that was an interesting conversation
<maximus_rex> that was br00tus/Lancemurdoch
<TimStarling> really? How do you know that?
<TimStarling> and are either of those users banned?
<maximus_rex> same ISP and interests on the 'pedia
<maximus_rex> no, but br00tus comes on here and trolls about nazis and communists some times
<TimStarling> well, he's currently known as Richardchilton
<TimStarling> I looked him up in the server logs