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This is Paul

Joined 14 April 2008

This is Paul
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Born2 July
Current locationBirmingham, United Kingdom


Hello and welcome to my userpage. I am Paul, an editor from the UK who joined Wikipedia on 14 April 2008. I officially made my 100,000th edit in August 2019.

About meEdit

I originally started out in April 2008 as TheRetroGuy but had wanted a name change for some time. That happened in September 2011 when I became Paul MacDermott. However, some people began to confuse me with other Paul MacDermotts (I was even once accused of being Paul MacDermott the Australian comedian, even though I live on the other side of the world), so I decided it was time for another name change. I finally got round to filing a request for a new username in April 2014, and hopefully I won't have to do it again, but you never know...

When I first came here I tended to edit articles related to film and television, literature, and popular music from the present day dating back to the late 1940s and early 50s. It was actually my musical interest, as well as a fondness for classic British television shows that inspired my original username. I'm also very interested in British politics, current affairs and UK crime-related topics, so you'll see lots of contributions from me on those subjects. I am an occasional New pages patroller, and with over 4,000 articles on my watchlist, I am sometimes able to catch and revert vandalism.

Some major contributions I've made to Wikipedia include creating a complete list of missing articles relating to years in British and Irish television, and a discography of albums recorded by one of my favourite singers, Jo Stafford. I also founded WikiProject Edinburgh in September 2009, and WikiProjects for Herefordshire and Shropshire in April 2010. My most ambitious WikiProject to date is WikiProject Birmingham, started in May 2012, and which is still a work-in-progress. My first two Good articles, 2009 Royal Mail industrial disputes and Premiership of Gordon Brown, were listed in April 2010. My first Featured Article was Royal National College for the Blind, which was promoted on 18 August 2010—actually the first time I'd ever nominated something for FAC, so not bad going. The article made history as one of several promoted that day which took Wikipedia to the milestone of 3,000 Featured Articles. It later became Today's Featured Article for 19 October 2011. A full list of my Good and Featured Articles can be found below. There is also a list for those that made Today's Featured Article. In addition to these I've had several articles appear on Did You Know. A list of articles I've taken through the various processes can be found here. For a full list of articles I've created, see here. For a list of articles I haven't created, but which I've significantly contributed to, see here.

As well as the WikiProjects I helped to establish, I am also involved in a few other WikiProjects. A full list of these can be seen here. For a list of my awards for work I've done on Wikipedia, see here. Check out this page for a few userboxes which will tell you a little more about me.

My 100,000th edit was made on 18 July 2019, and if I've counted back correctly from the time I noticed I'd passed that particular milestone, then this is it, an update I made to the list of articles I've created. However, according to Wikipedia this is my 100,000th edit, a minor edit to the article Janet Anderson made on 26 August 2019, and for which I received a congratulatory notification from Wikipedia. Sadly I don't have a record of articles I edited from previous edit count milestones.

I also operate two alternative accounts which can be found here and here, and which are intended for occasional minor edits. You will also find a few contributions from me on the Simple English and German Wikipedias. I should point out that I don't actually speak German but some of my contributions were exported there a while back and I thought it would be useful for anyone finding them and having any questions to navigate to this page.


Today's Featured ArticleEdit

# Article title Date of appearance
1 Royal National College for the Blind 19 October 2011
2 A Journey 6 May 2013
3 Murder of Joanna Yeates 18 September 2014
4 Jo Stafford 12 November 2014

Featured ArticlesEdit

# Article title Date promoted
1 Royal National College for the Blind 18 August 2010
2 Murder of Joanna Yeates 1 April 2012
3 A Journey 6 July 2012
4 Jo Stafford 24 August 2013

Good ArticlesEdit

# Article title Date listed
1 2009 Royal Mail industrial disputes 9 April 2010
2 Premiership of Gordon Brown 29 April 2010
3 A Journey 10 January 2011
4 Murder of Joanna Yeates 23 December 2011
5 Philip Smith 27 July 2012
6 Smooth Radio (2010) 25 November 2012
7 Murder of Celine Figard 9 January 2013
8 The Girl 17 January 2013
9 Jo Stafford 14 February 2013
10 2010 United Kingdom government formation 25 February 2013
11 1988–94 British broadcasting voice restrictions 4 July 2013
12 Johann Lamont 23 February 2014
13 Benefits Street 13 March 2014
14 Helen Rollason 5 January 2015
15 The National 4 July 2015
16 Scottish Labour Party leadership election, 2014 5 July 2015
17 Helen McEntee 18 September 2016

Editing milestonesEdit

# Article title Milestone Date of edit
1 Janet Anderson 100,000th edit 26 August 2019

Time and DateEdit

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