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TheSandBot aids in Operation Enduring Encyclopedia.
OperatorTheSandDoctor (t), DatGuy (t)
Edit period(s)Continuous
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Python
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

TheSandBot (TSB) is a bot account which, in contrast to DFB, is generalist in nature.


Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1   Approved. Performs the mass-move of articles affected by the RfC on election/referendum naming format. This task is not exclusion compliant as that is N/A. Per consensus, all pages in its list should be moved.   Complete
Task 2   Approved. Removes {{orphan}}, {{uncategorized}}, {{underlinked}}, and {{unreferenced}} where present in the draft namespace. This task is not exclusion compliant as that is N/A and runs daily at 03:00 (UTC).     -Active
Task 3   Approved. Moving pages per result of RfC on NCTV naming format.     -Active
Task 4   Withdrawn by operator. Moving categories in relation to task #3. This was withdrawn as the task was done via other processes and thus was no longer necessary.     -Inactive

Task 5   Approved. Removes blank lines, duplicate entries and sorts sections of 2 defined pages

This is a 'take over' of Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/RonBot 10 per request by Headbomb.


Future plans

  1. TheSandBot will be taking over the Good Article "clerk" duties from Legobot at some point in the near future per the request of Legobot's operator.

Instructions for disabling bot

Administrators (or extended-confirmed editors), please see User:TheSandBot/status if you wish to shut down the bot. In the event that the bot runs wild on a task (which it shouldn't) or otherwise needs to be shut down, change the text on the page's corresponding key value pair from "true" to "false" (is case sensitive; only one value can exist in the pair at a given time). Other than the true/false values, please do not change any other values, insert/remove commas etc (all the page content must stay JSON safe/legal in order for the bot to understand it). Once changed to false, that will stop the bot when it attempts to save the edit as it checks/"calls home" to that page before saving. In the event that the corresponding key/value pair contains the text "false", the script will show an error in my console and terminate. This will necessitate a restart by TSD (poke TheSandDoctor for that or send them an email), even if set back to "true".

In the event that you do shut down the bot, please send a message to TheSandDoctor (either through talk page or email) notifying them of this and the reason for shutting the bot down. Thank you!