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I was born in Orkanger in Norway. My family moved to Trondheim when I was about two years old and I grew up in Fagerlia in the Byåsen part of the city. Fagerlia is nestled right up against the Bymarka forest and during my childhood years I was almost constantly playing in and exploring the forest. I graduated from the Trondheim Cathedral School where I mainly studied topics such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

In my early twenties I went to Manchester to study at UMIST which is now a part of the University of Manchester. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Electronics.

Following my graduation I returned to live in Norway. After finishing my national service I got a job working as a R&D engineer for an international company within fire detection and protection. After about 12 years I returned to Manchester to take up a position for the same company and I continued to work for them for another five years.

During the following ten years I worked for a few different companies, mainly within the Oil & Gas Industry, before I again returned to Manchester to take up a permanent position with the same company I worked for previously.

During my career I have been involved in many project that took me abroad and I have had long periods (a year or more) of working in the Netherlands, China, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Malaysia and Aberdeen in Scotland. I have also briefly worked in Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe as well as for shorter periods in many other countries, mainly in Europe but also in North America and Asia.

I currently live in Bramhall, a village at the southern end of the Stockport borough of Greater Manchester.

My main interests are (in no particular order) football, cycling, scuba diving, golf, photography and playing the guitar (not very well unfortunately!). I also enjoy history and geography and I absolutely love travelling and seeing and learning new things.

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