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I've been a Wikipedian since the project was just a wee little thing, only two months old. I'm now mostly inactive, although I still pop by once and a while to do some light editing. I am not the subject of this article. My interests are varied.

I'm a member of the Ten Year Society. My user ID number is 86. This would have been lower, but I was away when we switched over to the "new" software that eventually became MediaWiki. Basically, I'm a cranky old man in Wikipedia-years. If you have any questions about Wikipedia history, fire away. I'd be happy to subject you to my old man ramblings.

If you want to know more about me, I have (mostly outdated) personal pages scattered across various other wikis:

You can contact me if you so desire...

Ancient StuffEdit

Old personal page items of possible interest to Wikipedia historians