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Welcome to my little WikiSpace! I'm Slowking Man. My interests include video games, reading, writing, the Internet, and computer programming. I also happen to be an Eagle Scout and a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.

Wikipedia's concept of an open compendium of human knowledge moved me, and I decided to do my part to help it grow. I registered on April 1, 2004, and have been ruthlessly editing, disambiguating, Wikifying, and writing ever since! :) I was made an administrator on October 12, 2004; my nomination is available for your perusal.

Additionally, I'm a member of the sekrit cabal.

My favorite Wikipedia article is Firewood Door.

I am the proud recipient of a Wikicookie. According to my Talk page, I'm also a Wikipedia Angel, whatever that means. If you want an article copyedited or proofread or an administrator task performed, don't hesitate to ask on my talk page.

I can be contacted on AIM as Slowking Dude or on MSN Messenger as Slowking Man. I might be on #wikipedia at Freenode, too, so drop in.

If you've taken the time to read this, you obviously have nothing better to do. Why not fix up an article?

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