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(Introduction that gives basic information about the person, such as their dates of birth and death, occupation and/or what they're typically known for. This shouldn't go into a lot of intricate detail. Of note is that more fields can be added to the person infobox and if the individual is a politician or had a specific occupation, there are typically specialized infoboxes that should be used instead.)

Early life and educationEdit

(This should cover things like their birth, childhood, and education. If there is an extensive amount of information about their education, this can be worked into its own section by itself.)

Personal lifeEdit

(This covers content such as the person's marriages, partners, children, or other elements that wouldn't fall into the other sections. If the person had legal issues that were well covered or a controversy, these would typically go here unless they have an extraordinary amount of legal issues and controversies - in that case they can have their own sections. This can also cover their death if there's not a lot of information about that.)


(This covers their career. If the person didn't work in a traditional job and/or was a volunteer or something along those lines, you could retitle this section to cover that material. However when it comes to career persons and advocacy, this should go into its own section. If the person was also involved in politics, that should go in its own section.)


(This is an optional section for the work that the person has put out. If the individual is an artist who has exhibited in notable locations, an exhibition section can be created.)


(Not all articles will have this, but this section will cover the individual's advocacy efforts. Be very careful to remain neutral.)

Death and legacyEdit

(This section is optional - it will cover the person's death and the legacy they've had on others. If the person is still alive but has a big legacy, this can be made into just a legacy or impact section.)


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