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Formerly Serendipitous; I have learned the hard way what happens when you don't specify an email and then forget your password. I've taken a shine to my misspelled name though. I would consider myself lucky-footed.

I am a former student of early modern literature living in London. I have a Masters degree in Research.

My particular interests are astronomy (particularly planetary astronomy) mythology (particularly Germanic mythology) and folklore. Over time I have become a major contributor to the Solar System Wikiproject. I also have worked substantially on the pages for many works of modern fantasy, particularly Harry Potter and Discworld. I keep watch on a number of pseudoscientific articles, mainly out of fear of what would happen if I didn't. I began the articles on the definition of planet and galactic tide (though I cannot take credit for the latter's current form). My current focus is the Top 25 Report, an examination of the most popular Wikipedia pages of the week, which was spun off into the Traffic Report on The Signpost

My Wiki philosophy? Well, my main principle is that it is not the job of the reader to interpret what we write; it is our job to put our point across as clearly and simply as possible. I'm not sure I like Wikipedia very much, but I think it has moved beyond such concerns; now that it has become Google's first page for practically any reference query, and now that, because mirrors have now metasticised it across the web in multifarious guises, it cannot be shut down, the only option left is to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

As regards the future of this project, I think the major threat facing Wikipedia is the declining number of editors, which is a direct result of the inhospitable environment that Wikipedia presents to new users. It's got to the point where people honestly don't even know that they could edit Wikipedia if they wanted. What is required is a space for new editors to feel welcome, one that embraces broadband and uses friendly faces and voices to guide them through the warzone that is this site. If we don't do this, Wikipedia will fade away into irrelevance. It's shocking that a Youtube video is required to do what we should be doing.

I've recently begun a Youtube channel that allows me to explore some of the topics I curate on Wikipedia with more freedom.



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I get into a great many Wiki-arguments. I'm not sure if this is because I meet a lot of argumentative people or just because I'm argumentative. Anyway, I started listing all my Wiki-accomplishments after one too many wikifights, because I felt I needed some way for other editors to take me seriously. Of course, this might just lead those same other editors to conclude that I'm an egocentric blusterer who really needs to get over himself, but what the heck.

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