Hi there! I'm an inquisitive, happy person. Nowadays I'm mostly interested in the evolution of knowledge sharing scholarly communication. I suspect that online communities are going to play an increasingly important role in this evolution.

Some of my thoughts on this topic are synthesized in the document "Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research".

My weblog is called "Seb's Open Research". It is a continually updated source of information and ideas on knowledge sharing. My homepage is here. In kuro5hin and a number of other online communities I am known as sebpaquet.

I also kicked off Ko4ting, a wiki that is a companion guide to the kuro5hin community site.

See my Metawikipedia page (not much there yet).

If you're the kind of person who is interested in answers (the focus of this site) but even more interested in questions, I recommend a visit to http://www.edge.org; in particular see The 5th annual World Question Center. Also see the links that are listed in the left column of my weblog.

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Some articles I have started or contributed to:

Articles I have contributed to and that have been deleted (look at the revisions to get a feeling of what is deemed to be over the edge in this community):

Hello Seb. Welcome to our happy little project. Have fun. -- WojPob

Thanks! But I'm afraid it won't remain little for too long...

Welcome, Seb! I do find your Wikipedia:WikiProject Concepts interesting, but I have some questions; see Wikipedia:WikiProject Concepts/Discussion. --Larry Sanger