Mass shooting defn =Edit

Source Minimum number of people shot Excludes perpetrator Public place Same location Roughly the same time Exclusions
Stanford University MSA Data Project 3  Y ?  Y  Y Organized crime, gangs, drug wars
Mass Shooting Tracker 4  N ?  Y  Y
Gun Violence Archive/Vox 4  Y ?  Y  Y
Mother Jones 3  Y  Y ? ?
The Washington Post 4  Y  Y ?  Y
ABC News/FBI 4  Y ?  Y  Y
Congressional Research Service 4 (shot and killed)  Y  Y ? ? Gang-related, profit-motivated

George Floyd protests deathsEdit

Date City State Name Description
2020-05-27 Minneapolis MN Calvin Horton Jr. Fatally shot during a protest by a local shopowner was arrested, and police sources indicated that the suspect had blamed Horton for the looting of his store.[1]
2020-05-30 St. Louis MO Unknown Dragged between the wheels of a FedEx truck trailer that, according to police, was fleeing from a mob.[2]
2020-05-30 Omaha NB James Scurlock Shot outside of a bar by the owner, who had a scuffle with a group of protesters.[3] Two days later, it was announced by authorities that there will be no charges for the bar's owner and that he had opened fire in self-defense.[4]
2020-06-01 Louisville KY David McAtee Louisville Metro Police and the Kentucky National Guard opened fire on a crowd of protesters. These authorities alleged that they returned fire after shots were fired at them. According to the victim's sister, the gathering was not a protest but rather a regularly scheduled social gathering at which McAtee served food from his barbecue restaurant.[5] An investigation of the killing is ongoing.[6][7] LMPD Chief Steve Conrad was fired later that day, as officers and troops involved in the shooting did not wear or failed to activate body cameras.[8]
2020-06-01 Davenport IA Two unknown Two people shot on a night with significant rioting. One police officer was also wounded in a shooting.[9]
2020-06-01 Cicero IL Two unknown Killed following an "afternoon of unrest"[10] but no "additional information about those killed or the circumstances of their deaths" was provided.[11]
2020-06-01 Las Vegas NV Unknown Police shot and killed an armed man wearing body armor. The man was walking among protesters as a demonstration was coming to an end and allegedly reached for his weapon when he was shot.[12]
2020-06-02 Philadelphia PA Unknown Protester shot by the owner of the gun shop Firing Line Inc. while trying to break into the store.[13]
2020-06-02 St. Louis MO David Dorn A 77-year-old retired police captain was shot by looters at a pawn shop.[14]
2020-06-02 Philadelphia PA Unknown A 24-year-old looter was killed by police after exploding an ATM machine and attempting to run away with its cash.[15]


  • Four more deaths, including that of a police officer, were reported on during the protests, but investigations were ongoing into whether those deaths were related to the unrest.[16]
  • In Richmond, Virginia in the early hours of June 2, two Richmond police officers were shot and injured while responding to a 911 call reporting gunfire.[17] Waseem A. Hackett, a 19-year-old male with no known permanent address was charged with malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.[18][19]
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